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How do I get from the airport to the hotel?

Boutique Hotel Lizzy Wasi is located in Urubamba, which is a one hour drive from the Cusco airport. (see map)  We would be more than happy to arrange for a taxi or van to pick you up, depending on the size of your party.


How do I get around in Urubamba, or to the different ruins or sites?

Once in Urubamba, we can arrange for a private taxi or van to pick you up and take you to the different sites you plan to see for the day.

For the more adventurous spirited, the local bus station is located ½ mile (800 meters) from the hotel, where buses and shared taxis (known as colectivos) can take you to your destination.

Tourist Activities

Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu was named by UNESCO as a world heritage site and as one of the New 7 Wonders of the World.  Machu Picchu is located 1 ½ hours away from Lizzy Wasi by train.  Be sure to purchase your entrance tickets ahead of time, through the following site:

Tourist Activities

How do I get to Machu Picchu?

Machu Picchu can be reached by train or by hiking the Inca Trail.  We suggest starting your journey at the Ollantaytambo or Urubamba train stations, so that you reach Machu Picchu in 1 ½ hours .   Tickets must be bought in advance through or

Other Arqueological Sites and Places to Visit

Sports Activities

Cusco and the Sacred Valley are a sportsman’s paradise. They offer many spectacular mountain bike routes for all levels of cyclists.  Or maybe you prefer to hike along an Inca trail, or take a nature walk through beautiful country landscapes. How about rafting down the Urubamba river or horseback riding?    There is even a zip line and bungy jumping for the adventurous!  Lizzy Wasi would be pleased to help you with your plans.  

Other Arqueological Sites and Places to Visit

Tourist Calendar of Festivities

·      Virgen de La Candelaria,  in Pisac and Calca (February)

·      Easter:  Procession of Santisimo, in Urubamba (April)

·      Corpus Christi:  Processions throughout Cusco  (May or June)

·      Our Lord of  Torrechayoc:  Patron Saint of Urubamba

·      ( May or June)

·      Inti Raymi: the Great Sun Festival,  in Cusco (June 24)

·      Independence Day, all throughout Peru (July 28)

·      Peregrination to the Sanctuary of Señor de Huanca (Sept. 14)

·      The Virgin of Rosario  ( October 7 and 8)

·      All Saints Day,  all throughout Peru (November 1)

·      Christmas Celebrations, throughout Peru (December 24, 25)

·      New Year’s Eve, throughout Peru (December 31)


What is the weather like?

Cusco is special all year round. May through November is the dry season and offers perfect weather conditions for hiking and sightseeing.  Humidity levels are low, and while there can be lots of sunshine in the daytime, nights are chilly and full of stars!

 The months of December through April are known as the rainy season.  These rains usually occur in the nighttime, but there may be an occasional rain during the day, assuring lush, green landscapes throughout the region.  



Urubamba is located at 8,860 feet (2,700 meters) above sea level.  While most people have no trouble adjusting to the altitude, you may feel slightly fatigued in the beginning.  For this we suggest relaxing for an hour or so upon arrival.  Also, having a cup of Coca tea can help you adjust more quickly.  
The city of Cusco is slightly higher, at 11, 155 feet (3,400 meters) above sea level.  

Packing and Accessories

What clothes and shoes should I wear?

You should plan on wearing comfortable slacks or jeans for most of your touring adventures.  Since the temperature can vary from 75°F (24°C) during the day, to 40°F (4°C) in the nighttime, a wind breaker, sweater and a rain jacket will come in handy.    

You will be doing a lot of walking so we recommend you wear hiking shoes that have non-slip soles. There is a chance that the grounds might be wet from the rain, so bring two pairs.  

Packing and Accessories

What else should I pack?

There are some essentials you should bring:
- Bug repellent 
- Sun block
- A warm jacket for the night-time
- Sun glasses
- Chap- stick or other lip moisturizer.
- Camera (a tripod will come in handy too)
- A raincoat, if you are coming from December to April (if you don’t have one, they can be bought in Cusco for a minimal price.)
- A backpack -  keeps arms free while toting around your gear.


Exchange rate

Peru’s currency is the Nuevo Sol.  The exchange rate is approximately 2.70 Soles for each American Dollar.  Check the daily exchange rate through the following link:


Paying with US dollars

Soles can be exchanged/bought at any local bank or local exchange house (casa de cambio) , but almost all places accept American dollars too.

If paying with US dollars, make sure that the bills you use are in optimum condition (no tears, nicks, or magic marker ink marks).  Also, US one- dollar bills and hundred - dollar bills aren’t easily accepted.  


Cash or credit card?

 If you’re going to go to a local market or a buy something on the street then you will probably need to pay in cash. Most stores and restaurants in the city of Cusco will take credit cards. 

Boutique Hotel Lizzy Wasi accepts  payment with VISA credit cards. 


Where can I find an ATM?

There are ATMs in almost every major town you will visit, including Urubamba, Pisac, and Cusco.  There, you can make withdrawls in Soles or Dollars.  


What about the drinking water?

We strongly recommend drinking bottled water at all times during your visit.  Bottled water can be readily found in  most stores.   


Where do I find food and supplies?

Cusco and Urubamba are full of convenience and grocery stores and drug stores  for you to buy local food, supplies and just about anything you need. Also, at the local farmers’ markets you can buy a varied array of fresh and sometimes exotic fruits and vegetables, cheeses, and meat


Where can I have lunch or dinner?

Please feel free to join us at Lizzy Wasi for the unique experience of a typical home-cooked dinner, available upon request.   Boutique Hotel Lizzy Wasi also caters to vegetarians, vegans and people with dietary restrictions or particular nutritional needs.

Urubamba hosts  various restaurants that offer delightful cuisine. We will be happy to help you by recommending a place and by making the reservations for you. 

Other Important Information

What language is spoken in Peru?

Spanish and Quechua are the official languages spoken in Peru, although Spanish is more widely spoken.  Usually people living in the remote highlands speak the traditional language of Quechua.  However, Peru is a multilingual land, and English is widely spoken too.  

Private tour guides can be hired through that will speak English and other languages according to your needs.

Other Important Information

What about visas and immunizations?

A valid passport is required to enter and depart from  Peru. Tourists must also provide evidence of return or onward travel. Visit the Embassy of Peru Website: for the most current visa information. Peru does not require any immunizations for entry, although it recommends vaccination against Yellow Fever if planning to travel to the jungle.  


Lizzy Wasi Hotel Policies

·      Check In time is 2:00 p.m., and Check Out time is 11:00 a.m. 

·      Our prices are quoted in US dollars.

·      There is no minimum stay required.

·      A buffet breakfast is included in the hotel fare.

·      Children are welcome; however, no childcare is provided.

·      We do not provide facilities for pets. 

·      Smoking is allowed in outside areas only.  Please, no smoking inside any of the rooms.

·      Cancellations must be made 72 hours before the time of your arrival.  In this case, there is a no-charge cancellation fee. 

·      All reservations cancelled after this deadline will be fully charged for the first two nights.

·      No shows, without previous notification, will result in an automatic cancellation of your reservation, and a full charge for the first two nights.

·      Any changes of dates, room type, or special services, made after your reservation, will be subject to availability and price variations.  


Useful Links and Telephones

• Boutique Hotel Lizzy Wasi:  (+51) 99420 7921 or (+51) 084 205099
• Tourist Information and Assistance in Cusco :  084 234 498
• Tourism Police in Cusco:    084 249 654 
• Cusco Airport  Velazco Astete:  084 222 611
• Train tickets: and
• Entrance tickets to Machu Picchu:
• LAN airlines:
• Star Peru airlines:

Other Arqueological Sites and Places to Visit

Other Arqueological Sites.

There are many places to visit that are full of history and charm. Lizzy Wasi would be glad to help you plan your visit to these places, and to many others too:

Chinchero, an arqueological complex that was built by the Inca Tupac Yupanqui in the 1400’s. When the Spanish arrived they built a beautiful colonial church atop the temple.

Raqchi, is a large complex that was built to commemorate the God Wiracocha. Here you will find a large temple with walls that are 38 feet tall (12 meters). It’s the only known temple of its type.

Puka Pucara and Qenqo, are two fascinating ruins that are located on the outskirts of the town of Cusco. These sites are full of patios, caves with alters, water channels and rock carved towers.

Sacsayhuayman is a large complex situated on the hills overlooking the city of Cusco. It was constructed with giant stone blocks that were cut with such precision that it challenges the